Praxis Values


We must maintain a high level of trust amongst employees, If a colleague makes a "mistake" our first assumption is that it is a mistake and not done with bad intention. Only after having a detailed discussion with the colleague in question will we reach any conclusion

We will provide context for any request made to a colleague. If we are in an extreme hurry and do not have time to give context we promise to do so as soon as possible

Lying, cheating and stealing will not be tolerated

Everyone will chip in for work whether it is for their department or another department

Everyone will take care to minimize expenses, spend the company money as we would spend our own money

Respect for all colleagues is of paramount importance, any employee senior or junior observed in shouting, demeaning, or using foul language is not a cultural fit for us

Each employee will have a basic understanding of all the departments in the company The intent behind this is to enhance performance while reducing friction between departments by each employee understanding the unique pressures faced by various departments.

Hiring based on cultural fit is the most important and primary criteria. Before taking technical interviews we will do a cultural fit interview.

Personal egos will always be lower in priority than the good of the company


We will build long term win-win relationships with our customers, shareholders, vendors, society, landlords & regulator at every level of the company

Customer Centricity is at the core of every decision we make at Praxis , Every Strategic & Operational decision will be viewed from the lens of its impact on the customer experience

Learn and be inspired from the universal laws of nature and take critical business decision based on these learnings

Open to new ideas, knowledge and proactive in meeting challenges emerging from changing business scenarios


We will take calibrated risk. Risk which are below the line (high risk decision which may put the company’s revenue or reputation at stake) will be taken very cautiously and with prudence.

Speed is the essence of our business, in-terms of decision making, innovation, freshness , new product introduction, new region and service deliverables. We would be taking decision in the best interest of Business and Company’s reputation. Every decision would be taken with prudence and positivity.

Note: These values are complimentary to Future group values.